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Oh yeah, I remember that feels.

So this past couple of weeks have been pretty stressful. I pitched a project to my class that was way more than I thought it would be. It seemed simple: create a form that would capture data, then send that data to an email address.

Let me start off at the beginning of last semester. An android development course is being offered for the first time at Ivy Tech. I figure that this is right up my alley because I really want to be an app developer. The catch is that you have to know Java in order to start programming Android Apps. I know zero Java, but hey there’s a 4 week crash course within the App course!

Alright, so by the end of the App course, I’m stressing because my project isn’t working. I’m parsing double variables into strings and back; trying to get check boxes to hold values to send to another activity. None of the Java I throw at throw at the code emulator is working and it’s due the next week. While all of this is happening, my stress level is skyrocketing…which brings my blood sugar to abnormal levels.

Oh yeah did I mention I’m a diabetic? So basically all of the symptoms I haven’t felt in years are back. The vision in my left eye is blurry, constant dry mouth, peeing every 45 minutes. Oh and the pee smells like candy so at least something’s positive right? 

Hopefully after this week is over, I can get back to normal (with the help of pills I haven’t needed for a couple of years) and feel better. Writing about it makes me feel a little better.

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An Honest Review of the McRib by Daym Drops From Inside His Car

You heard it here first - #MCSLAB

This guy is rising to the top with his food reviews! I’m happy for him because if you read his stuff, he went through some bad things, but kept himself positive.

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You would think Nintendo paid for this to promote their company. But it’s a couple of fans that made this stylish video. I’ve owned almost all of these systems. (via

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Anybody remember the Garmin Ultraman commercial? They should make more of these.

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Been watching Legion of Superheroes this weekend. The first season is kinda dumb in the beginning but it picks up towards the end. The second season is pretty freaking good and I can’t believe they cancelled the show before a 3rd one came out. I like the theme song, kinda sounds old-timey and modern at the same time.

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Next month is Nintendo Power’s last issue. Let us take a look back shall we?

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Hotline Miami (Click me)

I’ve been obsessed with the Hotline Miami soundtrack. I want to play the game but I don’t really have time to invest in being frustrated. My new puppy is doing that for me.

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Mah kickass puppy named Tank!. Yes with the exclamation point because I’m a douchebag who doesn’t want other stupid dogs named Tank to have the same name ad mine. I’M ORIGINAL! He’s 7 weeks old and already is using the wee-wee pad for peeing and pooping!

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Welcome to Polygon! It’s a website (finally) | Polygon

Officially welcome our friends at Polygon to the internet!

Fuck Yeah!

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